June 27th, 2003

If I'd known....

... Gatwick Airport had installed wireless Internet access in their departure lounge, I'd've packed my wireless card. Bother. ;)

Still, here I sit with my pint and my laptop, awaiting flight to Manchester for Stabcon, after what basically amounted to a day off, in all but name. We had a loss adjuster visit this morning because we are in the process of making an insurance claim for some work which needs to be done to our drains (root damage), and I knew I was going to have to pack up early to get to the airport, so I decided to work at home. This included a trip out to pick up rotwang's new pack of contact lenses, and an hour or so's nap (once again, sleep last night was thin on the ground, but for the best of reasons - the joys of being self-employed), so by the time I had finished with all that, there wasn't much time left for actual work. Hey ho.

The train journey down to the airport was unexpectedly pleasant. The first leg (to Horsham) was all but empty, there was a nice breeze blowing through the open windows, the English countryside was looking gorgeously green - it does that so well at this time of year - and I even spotted a couple of deer springing across a field. It's good to know that largish fauna can still survive in the wild in the South-East; I don't think the deer in Richmond Park really count.

Will be seeing the regulars at Stabcon, no doubt. waistcoatmark, bytepilot and his Best Beloved, rotwang (obviously!), and the like.

Suppose I should at least look at some work before I have to go and get on the plane. More sometime.