July 4th, 2003

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Today I resorted to a to-do list, as there were many dull teeny pieces of admin that needed to happen before I shuffle airportwards on the morrow. (One of those pieces of admin is to find the bit of paper which tells me what time our flight is. Must do that.) Almost all of the list was, eventually, scribbled out, aside from one bit which could wait and one bit which involves some serious thought, consideration, writing a long response document and such excitement.

I'm still debating whether I want to take the laptop with me or not. On the plus side: Internet access, the chance to try out roaming with my wifi card, and maybe some work getting done on the document. On the minus side: the damn thing is heavy, it's one more thing to worry about losing or getting stolen, and we are supposed to be on holiday.

Tonight I must pack; I must dig out some books; I must order delivery Chinese food. Perhaps the last thing may not sound essential to some of you, but the cupboard chez Bibliogirl is not well-stocked just now, through a combination of apathy and not having been home much.)