July 25th, 2003

All organisational f**k-ups, all the time

So, self plus rotwang are ensconced in moderately-sunny Indianapolis at GenCon. So far, so good, at least on the games and shopping front; it's perhaps lucky that I was way too tired to lose my temper at anyone yesterday in the Great Generic Ticket Fiasco of 2003. 3 hours 30 minutes in a queue, and we were pretty much playing a modified version of Buzzword Bingo to see what excuse they would come up with next. rotwang spent a similar length of time - in fact, slightly longer - to get a new badge printed off after his envelope of badge and tickets turned out not to contain the rather important 'badge' element. (Looks like they managed to omit printing an entire bunch, there were apparently a lot of people with the same problem.)

They didn't learn a whole lot from GCUK, it'd seem.

Now, I think, beer. Yes.