August 2nd, 2003

GenCon - plenty of roses and a couple of brickbats

  • A rose to: the Adam's Mark Downtown, for having lovely rooms and in-room broadband internet access.
  • A brickbat to: the restaurant staff at the Adam's Mark. Probably the worst service we've ever had at a US eating establishment - it wasn't so much that they were slow or anything (though that was very nearly a problem on the last day at breakfast), they just didn't seem to listen to anything we said. Sheesh, I wouldn't mind if we weren't allegedly speaking the same language!
  • A rose to: the Ruth's Chris Steak House near the convention centre. Fabulous food and also very quick about it (going in at about 5.45 probably helped)
  • A brickbat to: American Airlines, for cancelling part of our homeward trip (of which more below)
  • A rose to: the guy who owns the Dwarven Forge company, for giving in to my blatant sponging and giving rotwang a free T-shirt ;)

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