August 3rd, 2003


At GenCon the goodie bags contained some trading cards from games neither of us play. If anyone wants a booster pack for DragonBall Z (The Cell Saga; 10 cards) or Initial D (some kind of racing game? not sure how many cards, maybe 20), drop me a line (bibliogirl at will reach me) with your address. For UK people I won't worry about postage; if you're abroad we can talk about it.

Ha, the hedge is vanquished

After several hours of toil in the sun - largely, but not entirely, by rotwang and his newly acquired hedge trimmer - it is now possible to walk down our front path again. Stacked against the fence on the other side of the front garden are nine bags of debris (would've been ten, but the composter absorbed one of them).

Gosh, I remember why I hate gardening so much.