August 18th, 2003


This weekend was the Wedding, after last weekend's Stag Do. As waistcoatmark has already described, it was on a rather nice farm in what could only be described as the middle of nowhere.

rotwang and I set off from home about 8pm in the end, after work and packing and the like. Thankfully he volunteered to drive since I was, by that point in the week, having trouble stringing two thoughts together, let alone coordinating hands, feet and eyes to the extent required to control a car. A pit-stop in the outer reaches of Ipswich for dinner, and by about 11pm we arrived at Harleston, where we were staying; we'd picked up a following wimble along the way (very nearly literally, since at one point he had the opportunity to show how well his brakes worked when he managed not to mate his car with ours at a roundabout)

The next day dawned bright and sunny (it's going to come as a real shock when we have a day which isn't bright and sunny) and we had breakfast at the hotel. The original plan was for us to show up to the farmhouse sometime after 10 to help set things up, but the remainder of Team Groom were running a bit late so it was after 11 by the time we got there (not helped by having forgotten to pick up the map - we wound up phoning the other car to find out where the hell within Wortham we were supposed to be).

There was much carrying of stuff from one place to another, putting up of gazebos, decorating of rooms, and attempting to find enough fridge space for wine, beer and the like.

Tea at 3pm (with the great European Scone Mountain), ceremony at 5pm (which was lovely), dinner at 7pm (mountains of food, especially the desserts), much drinking after that.

The officiant at the ceremony was from the British Humanist Association and had obviously gone to a lot of trouble to make it a personalised event, to the extent of asking the bride and groom to write about why each had chosen to marry the other, and asking their friends to share anecdotes about them. (She'd actually had significantly little luck with that; it's amazing how one's mind dries up when asked for this sort of information on someone you've known for seventeen years.) I'm still not sure about trying to persuade one's guests to sing Bring Me Sunshine but hey, whatever makes them happy.

Around 0030 we started looking for a taxi but found that the local firm we'd been pointed at had a 2-3 hour lead time for a cab... I surmise they only had one... so the chief bridesmaid, who had stayed sober to make sure everything went okay during the evening, offered us a lift back to the hotel. Much obliged :)

Sunday morning dawned bright, sunny and (in my case) rather hungover. We had left a lot of stuff at the farm overnight, including my stash of Nurofen. wimble very kindly braved the shops to bring some back for me (would you like some money for that?); we headed back to the farm to help with the final clear-up and then to have a leisurely leftovers lunch. The bride and groom are staying on at the farmhouse for the rest of the week - I am not certain they'll need to buy food for much of that, and their alcohol requirements are certainly well taken care of!