September 7th, 2003

Things. And Stuff.

Well, life has been continuing even if not documented here - mostly because it hasn't exactly been sparklingly exciting.

Work. Well, let's not talk about it. It continues to be stressful and annoying, although at least I have now finished off writing the Bumper Fun FAQs, which now cover a couple of dozen lengthy HTML pages. Trying to make some of this stuff clear to the non-technical is a nightmare, even after several years of practice.

House. Amazingly enough we have now owned our current residence for over a year (and will have been living here for a year in another couple of weeks). It hasn't quite fallen down around our ears just yet, though there's plenty of stuff which needs doing when we get sufficiently organised to arrange it. Not to mention finding the money for it.

Shopping. Yesterday afternoon proved that Epsom is reasonably well-stocked with bookshops - even if most of them appear to be of the 'bargain' type - but suffers from an appalling lack of places where one might purchase DVDs. Oh well, my goddaughter will have to be happy with a copy of Ballet Shoes for her birthday rather than a copy of Billy Elliot (in fairness, the book is probably more age-appropriate than the film).

Socialising. Other than the wedding last week, we haven't really done much of late. Our weekend calendar, mostly at least double-booked for the last couple of months, has suddenly gone quiet for a bit. I went out drinking with anubisgrrl on Tuesday and proved that she is a cheap date - we discussed life, love, families, wedding arrangements (hers, not mine) and generally had the sort of girlie conversation that causes men's ears not so much to burn as to positively catch light.

Films. Pirates of the Caribbean was great. Tomb Raider II wasn't quite a total waste of time but wasn't as good as the first one (rotwang disagrees; he preferred this one to the first one). Definitely want to see Calendar Girls. Might try to see Blackball at some point (or might wait for video/DVD).

Books. Well, they had to be in here really given my username! I'm re-reading Douglas Coupland's Girlfriend In A Coma at the moment. I've also just re-read Ballet Shoes - not the copy I'm giving as a present, but my own rather battered copy which I finally managed to track down on the bookshelves. Other recent re-reads: a couple of the Chalet School books, Willard Price's Arctic Adventure - I may have mentioned before how little I'm finding Price's books stand up to re-reading, which is a great shame; I really enjoyed them when I was eleven or so. Heinlein's Space Family Stone. Dick Francis, Proof. It's not that I don't have plenty of new books to read, I have just felt more like re-reading the old stuff of late.

Not wildly exciting. Sorry...