September 14th, 2003

One year on

Gosh, and here we are a whole year on from the first entry in my LiveJournal. In fact a year plus an odd day, since I was busy yesterday and/or didn't have anything much to say (not that that usually stops me, or indeed almost anyone else who posts here ;))

Unlike 13th September 2002, I have not spent today talking to builders, packing boxes and the like. Which is good, 'cause if I had to go through that again any time in the next decade, I'd go mad. In fact we spent today watching caffeine_fairy trying to deal with the fact that her players almost uniformly have poor memories for campaign plot points... but at least we got to play with rotwang's Dwarven Forge stuff, which does make a terribly nifty dungeon when almost all of it is in use.

Yesterday involved making cookies, visiting Gameskeeper (memo to self: nag them to update web page), eating truly infeasible quantities of meze at Euphrates and getting our arses kicked at Clash of the Gladiators. Earlier on there was much watching of silly video clips online (ahh, the Internet; spend millions of pounds on development and research, and what do we do? watch video clips of cats doing daft things). Very pleasant day all round, really, largely because it didn't involve any work.