September 20th, 2003

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Another week older, another week (one might hope) wiser.

As previously noted, caffeine_fairy bullied me into taking some time off this week, as work (while still stressful etc.) is quiet just now. I spent Tuesday doing not a whole lot - reinstalling Civ III on my laptop and playing that for a while.

Wednesday, I drove to Hay on Wye and was actually quite restrained in the matter of buying books; all but two of them are presents for other people, and one of the remaining two will be going on Ebay. I should maybe add for those of you who have not heard of Hay that it is a small town on the Welsh border full of second-hand bookshops. Oh, the torture. Oh, the pain. (Oh, the six hours or so in the car. It's only barely feasible as a day-trip from London, sad to say.) Once I got back to London, there was duck at the Oasis with a bunch of the usual suspects (and some of the less usual ones), which was pleasant as ever, though the long car journey was taking its toll by the end of it.

On Thursday I dropped in on my parents for lunch - another only-barely-day-trip to the wilds of Somerset. I admired their almost-completed workshop, currently being constructed by my dad and one of his friends, and also the fishpond which has a dozen or so adult fish and maybe three or four dozen baby ones - rather cute. Came back to London and went to see Spirited Away with rotwang and waistcoatmark. It was diverting, especially since my exposure to anime has previously been all but zero (and I'm just waiting for the anime fans to turn round and tell me that this doesn't really count... whatever). Weird, but nice.

Sadly on Friday I had to go back into the office and deal with a longish to-do list (in the absence of caffeine_fairy who had gone down with a stinking cold). I got through most of it, though was held up by everyone else seeming to have decided to go on holiday... Then there was poker in the evening, where I managed to fail to lose my shirt, but couldn't quite maintain the momentum of a couple of early big wins and wound up £1.60 down on the evening. Hardly a major loss, I feel.

A life in a loft

I had a sudden urge to spend Saturday afternoon doing something vaguely useful round the house (which'd be a first in at least the last weeks). So we cracked open the garage and started in on getting stuff out of there and into the loft.

Most of the stuff from the garage came from the loft of our old place, and some of it dates back from prior to moving in together, but the older boxes were mostly a bit crappy and falling apart, or not properly sealed and therefore full of dust. Given that we have plenty of empty boxes from our move, and that most of them were good, solid new boxes at that point, much of the junk has been reboxed and is even now being dragged up the loft ladder by rotwang.


  • lots of old photos, including one from a primary school concert, one from a ballet school show (yes, I did ballet for ten years, despite not being the shape or height for it; too tall, too heavy), and a really scary one of me aged about 11 or so doing a fine impression of Nana Mouskouri
  • my Live Aid tickets and leaflet handed out on the day
  • the letter from the company that took our wedding photos offering us £50 on our tenth wedding anniversary (that was last year; must see if I can claim on that)
  • a stack of programmes from various concerts with the orchestra I used to play in
  • loads of old school books
  • an inflatable crocodile
  • a heart-shaped necklace engraved with my name, which I think I got when I was about 7 or so
  • the menu from a restaurant in Greece, which I stole because I was so desperate to prove that it really had listed "Calve's Donge" as one of the items on it
  • the witnessed statement from my mother that she was going to give up smoking when cigarettes hit £1.80 a pack of 20 (they're now somewhere around £4.50 or so)
  • a crystal ball on a stand which is the perfect scale to use with the Dwarven Forge gear

... among other things.

And yes, some stuff did get thrown away, and some got put in a box to do a car boot sale with sometime, and some got put in a pile to do the Ebay thing with, and so on.