October 5th, 2003

Double, double, toil and trouble

Next time I make cookies, I must remember that doubling up the ingredients for the Cuckoo's Egg chocolate chip cookies produces about nine dozen of the little darlings. It is just about possible that this is too many.

I'm baking because rotwang has now been at his job for ten years and this would usually be the cue for him to wander across the road to the supermarket and stock up on cakes. I said I'd do some baking for him to take in instead, so I'm now looking at four dozen honey and ginger biscuits, six of the nine dozen chocolate chip cookies (two dozen more are in the oven, and I reckon there's dough for another dozen still in the bowl), and three fruit loaves. Admittedly I do have other homes for some of them (yes, chomper99, some will be going home with caffeine_fairy for you).

Bits of the week have been busy, others not. On Monday we went to see Rolf Harris at the Albert Hall, which was fun. Because it was being filmed, there were occasional retakes and the like, which meant that it felt more like being in a studio audience than being at a stage show, but it was still enjoyable, and Skippy (the inflatable kangaroo) had a fun evening as well.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were relatively quiet socially; work was as paper-infested as (lately) usual. Friday we shipped off the Wall-O-Filing and then rotwang and I decamped to parts Soho to meet an ex-colleague of his and ex-colleague's wife; beer was drunk and tasty Lebanese food eaten.

rotwang is still slogging through Work Thing From Hell, but I dragged him away to Oxford for triskellian and smiorgan's engagement party yesterday evening; good fun even if perhaps a little cosy (the perils of being so popular...). I slept most of the way home, making even less conversational gambits than usual. Sorry dear ;)