October 24th, 2003

Where is everyone?

The motorways around (west) London are all but empty - I have seen more traffic on a Sunday morning. Variable speed limits? Not a one. This is unheard of.

I can only imagine that everyone has seen the estimates for the number of people descending on Heathrow later on - anywhere between 40,000 and 250,000, depending on who you listen to - and has decided that working from home, or taking the day off, or just not being in the area, is the way to go.

Give me strength

From NTK:

There we were, getting our hopes up about the ALL PARTY INTERNET GROUP, watching them catch on that spam was a serious problem, seeing them beetle off to Washington to hobnob with experts on the matter, cheering on the boyish enthusiasm of chairman DEREK WYATT MP for the topic. Derek, unfortunately, appears to be fighting the good fight with the Shield of Wholesale Technical Misunderstanding and the U-Shaped Gun Of Shooting One's Own Mouth Off. This week, he sent out a press release announcing his own proposed solution to spam. Postcodes. No, no, hear him out: Wyatt proposes that every UK address have the postcode of the recipient prepended between the domain and the .co.uk. So, he explains, "derekwyatt@aol.com" would become "derekwyatt@aol.swiaoaa.co.uk". Those who don't want to give out their postcode could use a six-digit code ("plus a pin number which would be held by the Information Commissioner's Office"). "Addresses ending .com", he adds, as an afterthought, "would need to identify their country of origin, such as .com.uk". Yes. Yes, they would, Derek. Mr Wyatt is soliciting feedback at wyattd@parliament.uk. Could you do it? We're busy banging our heads against this tree.