November 21st, 2003

(no subject)

So, a semi-productive day, which is a great improvement on yesterday...

I am still fighting off the tail end of a cold (and I would love to know who gave it to me; I reckon it must've been someone at caffeine_fairy's party), so feeling a bit lethargic. "A bit lethargic" is, however, an improvement on yesterday, which was more like "all the energy of a three-day-old corpse". I reckon I need to try althaea's cough syrup solution.

Money received from the ISA I cashed in - good. Preliminaries finally sorted out with HSBC Merchant Services to accept credit cards for other bit of business - very good (even if it did take 45 minutes on the phone and much wrangling). More shredding done: good. More stuff removed from filing cabinets: good. More stuff thrown out: good. More stuff ready to go onto Ebay from home: good. Some actual bids received on the stuff already on there: very good. Wednesday's meetup with old-time colleagues for drinks and Thai food: good. rotwang also now being mostly over his cold: very good.

Now going home, and then probably out to poker evening as long as I do not suddenly start feeling appalling at some point in the next couple of hours. Then, tomorrow, another party. whee!

Oh, and I've turned IP logging back on, so all those of you who wanted to leave anonymous comments a couple of posts back -- sorry, but you've had your chance. ;)