January 18th, 2004

Melon-flavoured soya milk drink

... one of the more bizarre things they sell at the Wing Yip. Yup, I was there again today, picking up some more Dim Sum so that I could feed it to rotwang when he gets back tomorrow.

I confess I'm a bit of a sucker for some of the slightly off-beat soft drinks they have available there. I'm sure if you're in Asia, they're absolutely standard, but less so over here - and they do make a nice change from Diet Coke.

At the moment, then, my kitchen contains cans of four -- no, five -- different sorts of canned iced tea. Oolong iced tea and iced green tea are familiar, because Waitrose over the road from my office used to sell them (well, I'm sure they still do, but I'm not shopping there any more, having moved away). I also have some herbal tea left over from the last trip to Wing Yip, last week. Unfortunately I had forgotten that it wasn't too pleasant; it has a rather perfumed taste which I'm not especially keen on, so that may get left for someone else to sample. Then there's some canned lemon iced tea, and some chrysanthemum tea which I bought today - I think that was what I meant to pick up when I bought the herbal tea. It remains to be seen whether it's the one I liked last time I tried it.

I'm a big fan of iced tea, as you can probably tell (and no, caffeine_fairy, it is not because I'm too idle to boil the kettle). But it seems to be a taste that has not really made it to the UK from (say) the US. The powdered iced tea that you can buy over here is really not all that pleasant, and I don't really have room in my fridge to make it up with actual tea and then keep it in there. (Hm, though I do now have two fridges. Maybe I should investigate this again at some point.)

There's also, let's see. Coconut water, which I like (even if I do wish I could find somewhere which stocked it in larger cartons; both Tesco and Wing Yip only seem to stock little cartons, though Wing Yip do at least usually manage to keep the straws glued to the side of theirs). Sparkling lychee drink (I have mango and guava, too, though not bought today. Why doesn't anyone make mango squash?). A couple of tins of coffee (carefully inspected to make sure they're not hazelnut flavoured, which was a slight snag the last time I bought coffee in tins). And the aforementioned melon-flavoured soya milk drink, which was just such a bizarre concept I had to buy some. That's a dangerous frame of mind when wandering round a large Oriental supermarket. There are a lot of things which fall under the "bizarre concept" category -- to my mind at least. "Liquorice Olives" was one I didn't feel the need to investigate, possibly because I had tried "Chilli Olives" previously (we took some to waistcoatmark's Bizarre Food party). And, of course, loads of dim sum that rotwang and I will demolish for tomorrow's dinner (probably after a trip to visit thalinoviel in her hospital bed, assuming she's up to being visited; bytepilot, expect a phone call tomorrow to verify this).

Other than that, the afternoon included a trip to the storage unit to measure up bits of surplus office furniture for various people -- anything to help persuade them to take some of it off my hands -- and speaking to rotwang a couple of times as he negotiated the journey home from Las Vegas. I suppose I had better not put the chain on the door tonight, or I'll have to get up to let him in... :)


rotwang and self got some of the way towards thalinoviel's hospital bed, then received a call from bytepilot telling us that they'd finally dragged the poor lass into surgery. Oh well, I'm sure the choccies and the books will keep for a day or two.