January 21st, 2004


Having had a prowl round wimble's music collection, there were a couple of tracks from my college days that he didn't have, and I wanted to hear again - so it was off to Ebay to see what I can find.

I now have Then Jerico's CD single Big Area, which I had probably failed to find previously because I'd been convinced for years it was by Del Amitri. I also have Wet Wet Wet's greatest hits album, which provides me with the track Wishing I Was Lucky, indelibly associated with my first year in college. (The rest of the album, I couldn't care less about, but it was cheap.)

Also winging its way towards me in relatively short order should be a copy of the Madness album The Rise And Fall which I haven't heard in forever - largely because my copy is on vinyl and I haven't been arsed to fire up the turntable. (Maybe I'll do that this afternoon.)

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We went to see thalinoviel in hospital last night, and she's just called to say that she is now back at home (for those who might be thinking of visiting). Apparently she has a fibreglass cast on for the moment, and then Friday week she gets some kind of exotic articulated thing which can be adjusted. Er, right. Medical technology, what a wonderful thing. Anyhow, we left her well-supplied with books and chocolates... at least a couple of days' worth...