February 20th, 2004

That Friday feeling

Today seems to be an "everyone else being incompetent in ways which I have to deal with but are not especially inconvenient" sort of day, as opposed to Wednesday where the screw-ups were inconvenient stuff.

The book sale was lots of fun. We came away with two boxes and one bag of books, for £50 including the entrance charge; not all of them are for us, I should add. Some are presents, some are likely to wind up on Ebay, and some will be staying here (though I have no idea where; between this lot, the stuff from my office, and the couple of bags of books and games we took from anubisgrrl and her hubby before they head(ed) off to the US, storage is even more of an issue than usual). For the preview night, you get your £10 back if you spend £75 or more, so we were really quite restrained. Honest.

At least other people's lives seem to be getting (momentarily) less stressful...