February 22nd, 2004

A weekend of relaxation

Friday: the monthly poker night, with the Mob (rotwang, caffeine_fairy and chomper99, along with various and sundry non-LJers). I came away only a couple of pounds down on the evening, which was nice; a couple of decent-sized wins to offset several only-just-losses.

Saturday: much cooking, for we were seven for dinner.

The menuCollapse )

Sunday: Started out with chrestomancy and M The Aggressively LJ-Less turning up on the doorstep to be fed breakfast ahead of taking away another bit of the ex-office furniture. One more chair down, hurrah (still taking orders for filing cabinets.... anyone want some? Also, waistcoatmark, we should talk about those bookcases, 'cause I'd like to get the rest of the stuff out of there within the next few weeks). We had bought loads of bread products in the expectation that people from the previous night's overindulgence would be looking to stay over, but in fact they didn't in the end; chrestomancy and M's help in reducing the oversupply of pain au chocolat and cheese muffins was much appreciated.

D&D round at caffeine_fairy and chomper99's. Good fun as ever, though my character seems to be acquiring increasingly, uh, interesting traits; her having brought elves back into the world after they'd been asleep for several hundred years is rather freaking people out, as well.

Got home to find a message from my mother on the answerphone, which is always a little worrying as it seems recently to have meant bad news pretty much every time. This time, however, not so much bad news as my parents finally going native in the wilds of Somerset; my father has been persuaded to take part in the forthcoming village pantomime. ("Oh no he hasn't!" "Oh yes he has!") Apparently this is symbolic of the greater community spirit where they live now. I knew there was a good reason why I liked living in (or at least just outside) London...