March 1st, 2004

Waffle, waffle, faff

There was a reasonable amount of Stuff Achieved this weekend (unlike many).

Starting out prior to the weekend, on Thursday we finally got round to watching a DVD my parents gave me for Christmas. It consists of all my mother's old cine film transferred onto a (slightly) more durable medium. Starts out with me aged a bit less than 2 and goes on (in stages) until I was just short of 11 and my sister about 5. Oh dear. Dire 70s fashions; me with long hair and, latterly, glasses; my dad with hair. No, I do not plan to offer screen captures from it.

On Friday evening we went, as previously noted, to see School of Rock. It was rather predictable but amusing none the less (must've been almost at the end of its run; there were only about 25 people in the cinema on a Friday night).

On Saturday we went to the old house to mow the lawn and run the hoover round it ahead of a valuer coming to see it tomorrow afternoon. (rotwang complained bitterly that I was making him mow the lawn in the snow, poor dear.) Yes, we have finally given up on trying to get more tenants for the place and are going to sell it; the proceeds will allow us to reduce outgoings a bit and hopefully afford to do some of the work that should be done on the current house (e.g. window replacement and some new radiators).

rotwang then ran some cabling between the room with the cable modem and the room where the computers (will eventually) live, with a bit of help round the edges from me; we also spent some time sorting through the Cable Mountain. (It's like Table Mountain, only more tangled.) You know, when you've been working with computers for a while, you accumulate vast numbers of assorted cables? OK, it's not helped by having brought back loads and loads of bits of Cat5 from the office when we dismantled it, but really, there are two crates of the stuff; one crate of Cat5, one crate of Other Cables. Modem leads. SCSI cables of various flavours. More power cords than you can shake a stick at. I'm just disappointed that I've never got any hot pink patch leads like simonb's.

H's birthday/pancake party was pleasant, in the evening.

Sunday involved yet another trip down to the wilds of bloody Somerset to finish unbuggering my dad's PC. We have now thoroughly vanquished it, and it is talking to the outside world again (grumble, mutter). Still, my mother did produce a yummy roast dinner and we also got to see Dad's new workshop and funky mount-cutting behemoth in action.