April 28th, 2004

... but WHY is all the rum still here?

So last Saturday was the Pirate Party, which went well despite a lot of people being booked up that weekend already. Their loss; there was Rum. Quite a lot of Rum. (To the extent that we have three litres of it unopened still; if we make it to angry_marmot's Pirate Party this weekend -- I announced mine first ;) -- then we'll probably take some of it to that.)

bytepilot and thalinoviel had major car issues which required calling the AA before they could get home, so by the time they'd sorted that out, rotwang staggered to bed at about 0445. I'd slunk off to bed a good two hours earlier, and caffeine_fairy and chomper99 had staggered upstairs even earlier still. Hell, anyone would think we were getting old....

As noted elsecomment, either people are getting the hang of my catering levels, or I simply didn't overcater by a factor of three this time. There were various and sundry nibbly things, and cocktails, and it was all very good fun.

The fox, whom I have previously mentioned, wandered up the back garden and was originally, I think, a little peturbed by the noise, the people and the open back door. This lasted approximately as long as it took for him to be noticed by the people at the party -- notably my sister -- and to start getting thrown sausages, scotch eggs and other food. He spent quite a lot of time hanging around; I hope he isn't expecting that sort of spread every day!

Sunday morning involved bacon sandwiches and large amounts of fruit juice, tea and coffee. After that, we went with CF and Chomper to go and inspect the site they wanted to use for their wedding in a few months time. So long as they warn people to wear sensible footwear for the walk up to the site, and can solve the lack-of-lavatory problem, I think it'll do fine. It was a gorgeously sunny day -- as, indeed, was Saturday, though I spent the majority of it in the kitchen -- and gave me the opportunity to put the top down on my car for the first time this year.

On Sunday evening, rotwang and I went to the Asadal for dinner. It's a smashing Korean restaurant that has been around for many years; I went there once previously with my father, donkeys' years back. We had five courses including sashimi (not called that but I can't remember what the Korean equivalent was) and marinaded beef barbecued at the table. Yummy, and better yet fairly quick, as by this point we were in need of an early night. (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.)

Last night, Tuesday, was the birthday meal for another friend (DT WINOLJ) up in the wilds of North London (Whetstone). Great Italian restaurant, food delicious, but the journey up there was not improved by large amounts of water falling from the sky; big thunderstorms in and around London. They continued overnight; I was woken up a little before six by thunder and lightning not quite overhead, and never really got back to sleep again. Ah well.