May 9th, 2004

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[Bluebell wood]
It's a good year for bluebells...

Right, let's see where to start. Last weekend was a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK... so this week was a short week. Phew.

Saturday of last week involved shopping at Gameskeeper, eating at Euphrates and then ambling along to angry_marmot's Pirate Party. Convenient, really, we could re-use lots of costume from the previous week... Life would have been slightly easier if I had remembered to pick up the leather thong to lace up the front of my jerkin with, but we improvised with a couple of bootlaces and it held together okay. Various and sundry LJers present and imbibing of the hot buttered rum.

Sunday included a large roast lunch, which would have been a roast dinner but for the fact that rotwang arranged dinner with some friends of ours at the Fish Hoek restaurant in Chiswick. I'd been wanting to try it for ages (fish, and South African food; two of my favourite things) and it was superb. Trying to choose off a 30-item menu when you'd probably happily eat at least 25 of the things on it is very tricky.

Monday: gaming round at chomper99 and caffeine_fairy's place. Tuesday: back to work (sigh). Wednesday evening, more gaming.

Thursday morning, up in town for a seminar and lunch with a friend whose office happened to be about ten minutes away from the seminar's location. I walked through Regent's Park, admiring the synchronised-dipping ducks... Then home, and within about 30 minutes of my return I'd had the phone call I alluded to in Thursday's friends-locked post (once the company concerned have had a chance to do the official announcement I may clarify...) which brightened my day no end ;)

Friday, more work; Saturday, a little DIY at our former home (and the estate agents had another viewing that afternoon; we wait to hear whether an offer will result) before heading down to rotwang's folks for the weekend. Dinner at Keats (Italian restaurant in Ampfield - it appears not to have a web site) in the evening, Egyptian-themed lunch cooked by Mum rotwang on Sunday, and then a trip down to Exbury Gardens in the afternoon. Very pretty at this time of year -- photos are here -- as was the drive through the New Forest to get there.

Which reminds me...

Today also reminded me that I still want to get a new digital camera sometime. I've had my Olympus C900 for some years now and, while it still does most of the low-end stuff that one might want, it is only 1.3 megapixels, and -- its worst failing by a long way -- it isn't USB-enabled, so getting stuff off it is done over a treacly-slow serial cable. While I could fix this by buying a media-card-reader, I think it's about time I upgraded to something a little more modern (and less chunky would be nice, too). Any recommendations, O my beloved readers?