May 25th, 2004

The clueless leading the useless

We used to have a leased line from C&W (Clueless & Witless) which we gave them notice on last November (service disconnected early February). They're still sending me invoices. I'm starting to wonder what I need to do to get off their system; drive to Manchester and give each of the accounts department an individual kicking? It's not like I have any intention of paying them more money or anything. F**kwits.

Ungrateful children

I put some more seed out for the birds this morning, which has attracted the usual motley selection of urban avian life. This has included what I infer from behaviour must be a couple of juvenile starlings... despite their being as big, or bigger, than their parental unit, they still seem keen to follow him/her around on the patio where the seed is, demanding to have it dropped into their beaks, rather than pecking it up from the ground themselves.

I can't help thinking there's a moral in here somewhere.