May 26th, 2004

Trying out the shiny new toy

I decided to head up to Richmond Park this evening and try out the shiny new toy on a wander round the Isabella Plantation.


The first few are actually either from my back garden or houses in my road; the Richmond Park ones start with the tree with the hole.

I'm generally pretty impressed with the camera. I'm finding it a bit of an adjustment to remember that what I see in the viewfinder is not necessarily what the lens sees; partly because of parallax, partly because the viewfinder sees the optical zoom but not the digital zoom, so if you're using the digital zoom as well then you probably want to use the rear screen instead of the viewfinder to frame your shot. The autofocus can be a bit tricky to persuade to focus on what you want it to focus on, but there are different settings for that and I need to play with those a bit more and see which suits me best.

The close-up facility is excellent, very sharp indeed. The digital zoom itself doesn't necessarily make a whole lot of difference but it's usually worth a go (even if the rabbit is very small _and_ some distance away...).

Trying to focus on something which is moving -- e.g. a duck -- is a bit tricky because the rear screen freezes the shot to show you how the focus has worked and by the time it stops doing that, the bl**dy duck has, of course, moved. I'm sure that this, again, is something which can be adjusted.

Towards the end of my walk the light was starting to fade quite noticeably (indeed, it started raining on my drive home) and I was fairly pleased with how the camera coped with that. It has a choice of ISO film-equivalent settings; by default it chooses what it thinks best, but it is possible to tell it to keep to one, which might be worth a go.