June 2nd, 2004

Ah, technology, how do I love thee

Good thing: we now have a print server which handles both the Laserjet and the colour printer, and doesn't fall off the network randomly because it's lost its marbles.

Bad thing: the printer driver for the HP 750 (which is the colour printer mentioned) seems to have Issues, such that it now complains when I plug the printer directly back into my laptop to use it as a scanner.

Good thing: it's not like we don't have the odd spare computer kicking around, so I've installed the driver on one of those to do the required scanning.

Bad thing: now, if I could just persuade the scanner not to lose its settings (how it outputs the picture, whether or not it should automatically crop it, etc.) every time I scan a new picture, I would be happier.

Good thing: still love the new digital camera.

Bad thing:... even if I couldn't persuade it to make pieces of card coloured "Pale Ivory", "Antique Ivory", "Papyrus" (and other only-just-off-white shades) come out as distinct colours which bore some resemblance to the actual card. Which is why I'm now cursing the scanner.