June 3rd, 2004

How to win brownie points

We have a weekly cleaner through a local agency - although the agency organises it all, they do try to keep the same cleaners for the same houses so that everyone concerned doesn't have to go through the "where do you keep the bleach? do you need me to clean in here? how on earth does your shower work?" questions every week.

Anyhow, our regular cleaner is off home for a holiday -- maybe for good; she's from Lithuania and apparently has a husband and daughter waiting for her back home.

Nice card and a tip: completely reasonable.
Twenty minutes playing with Google: about par for the course.
The look on her face when she found I'd written "good luck" and "thanks!" in Lithuanian in her card, and also found a proverb whose translation is "Everywhere is good, but home is better": absolute gold.