June 26th, 2004

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Watched some of the Glastonbury coverage yesterday evening, as I was a bit minus on enthusiasm for digging out any of the new boardgames. Oasis were rather uninspiring, the Chemical Brothers made me feel like I was in a timewarp back to a couple of years back when I last saw them on a previous year's roundup of Glastonbury. I watched a bit of Spearhead and then had a look online for their track Pray For Grace, which somehow appealed even though I usually avoid reggae like the plague - I don't know, would they count as reggae? Or is there some other subdivision of similar music I don't have a name for? Only took me a few minutes to find it, anyhow, from a standing start of "this track's quite good, I wonder what it is?", Googling for the lyrics and then to find the MP3.

Today's caffeine_fairy's hen night, down in Brighton. (Watch out, Brighton...) A minibus has been arranged to get us all back to London; I was trying to give rotwang some idea of when we might be back and realised I couldn't give him a good estimate because it'd depend on the number of stops on the way home for toilets, vomiting, or whatever. We shall see.