July 1st, 2004

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Gah, blasted LJ seemed to have my journal on read-only access for most of yesterday afternoon!

caffeine_fairy and I went to see The Vagina Monologues in Wimbledon on Monday (just about managing to tear ourselves away from the tennis in the pub). It was an excellent show; all of the actresses were great, especially Josie D'Arby (though she did get the short straw in terms of which monologues she did -- generally the less cheery ones) and Anita Dobson (I will never look at her the same way again). I was pleased to see a lot of older women in the audience, and vaguely baffled by the young chap who looked about 14 and appeared to be there with his mother. An education for him, I suspect...

Last night I braved the Tube-strike traffic to drive into central London to pick up some redundant PCs from bytepilot's office. For all the horror stories in the media, the traffic into London (leaving home about 5.20pm) and out again (leaving central London about 7.15pm) wasn't actually that horrendous; it took about an hour and a quarter either way, which isn't much longer than I might expect on a "normal" day. By the time I got home, I was starting to entertain fantasies about training many of London's motorcyclists in road sense, though. I don't mind them cutting through the traffic around me; what I do mind is when they decide to do that by swerving out into the other lane in front of me as I drive along in the other direction. I didn't see any cyclists trying that particular manoeuvre -- less suicidal, maybe.

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BBC news article about port - more specifically, it is after all a drink designed for slow sipping rather than gulping down in volume. Well, unless you're waistcoatmark or maviscruet, anyhow.

What's the equivalent of Lager Louts? The Port Posse? Perhaps, since it's seen as a more refined drink, it should be simply Port People? Or does that sound a bit too much like Pan's People for the comfort of those among us who remember Top of the Pops from the seventies?