July 5th, 2004

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And there was Stabcon, and it was good.

We were missing many of the usual suspects (thalinoviel, maviscruet and many of the rest of the Leeds posse) but nonetheless we managed to get in a reasonable amount of gaming and at least one curry (even if not with bytepilot and mob, who seemed to be running a bit late).

Games of note:

  • Theophrastus, bought a while back and only now tried. Interesting game based on your being a bunch of alchemist's apprentices attempting to duplicate his formulation for various things. It will repay more familiarity, but it has really silly game design in that the spaces where one might imagine you'd put the cards are not, in fact, big enough to put the actual cards. I surmise there may be some colour photocopying with slight enlargement in our future.

  • Mississippi Queen, which has been sitting around for ages waiting for us to give it a go. Some assembly required. Reminded us a bit of RoboRally, to the extent that we were pondering how one might merge the two into a game involving robots and paddle steamers...

  • Funkenschlag, which is a German game (couldn't've guessed from the name, eh?) in which you run a network of power stations and you're attempting to connect up, and sell power to, the most cities. Looked horrendously complex during the setup but wasn't actually that bad; I note it seems to have been issued in English (in the States, at least) as Power Grid. Definitely worth another go, and maybe worth acquiring a copy (we had borrowed someone else's to try it). On the other hand, largish box and our games cupboards are really getting a bit full... but I'm sure we'll buy it anyhow.

The journey up was pretty grim in terms of traffic; the M6 Toll motorway was lovely and clear but the roadworks on the M42 were causing lots of slow traffic on the way to the toll road. Sigh. It had been a long week for all concerned so none of us were really up to staying up late for lots of gaming, sad to say; I think we're getting old.