July 27th, 2004

Childhood foodstuffs

My mother was born in South Africa, and so one of the tastes of her childhood was Ouma Rusks. These are not like the Farley's-type rusks that you might feed your small offspring while they're trying to figure out the whole solid-food thing and the joys of smearing food all over everything in a five-foot radius; they're more like slightly sweet bread which is then dried out in the oven (dwarven trail-bread or lembas, depending on how much you dry it out).

She bought some of these rusks in the UK a few years ago (there are a number of shops around which import foods from various overseas places for the homesick ex-pat...). Unfortunately they were rather stale and disappointing. So, as a placeholder birthday present (the real thing is still bouncing around the US trying to get to the person who's going to send it to me), I decided to have a go at making some rusks -- she seemed pretty happy with them and they did at least taste like I remember the "real thing" tasting...

Rusk recipe behind the cut for those who might be curiousCollapse )