September 27th, 2004

Things Which Should Not Be: Music Division

Okay, so there we were, sitting at the cinema, waiting for the preview showing of Layer Cake, picking holes in the adverts (notably: the local Adult Education college advertising courses in "math" -- obviously Sutton has migrated to the US and I didn't notice; an advert for a Volvo "stationwaon"; and a competition run by the cinema mentioning "Quinten Tarrantino"), when a song came on the PA.

I was initially trying to work out whether it was a cover version of Waterloo Sunset or Eye Of The Tiger, and after about 20-30 seconds, I realised the full horror: it was a dance version of the Pink Floyd song Comfortably Numb. (Later Googling disclosed that it was performed by the Scissor Sisters.)

There are some things that Should Not Be, and I think this has just been added to the list. *twitch* The worst bit is that it has invaded my brain; I had to go and find a copy...