December 16th, 2004

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Okay, okay, it's the 25 songs meme... these were the first 25 that came up on Winamp's shuffle list. I skipped a couple of classical tracks, one instrumental, and two cover versions where the chances of anyone knowing that Particularly Obscure Band had covered Rather Better Known Band's track were effectively zero. I have left in one cover version which was done by the lead singer of the band who originally performed it.

Now remember, I want a fair fight, no Googling. If anyone gets all of them I'll be bloody astonished (not least because I had to Google for a fair number of these lyrics; I contend that at least one set is effectively incomprehensible unless you have the words in front of you).

Very minor hints: I would suggest that to some extent these reflect rotwang's taste better than mine. There is at least one artist which appears more than once.

I'm screening comments; I'll note which tracks have been guessed...

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