December 20th, 2004

Random waffling

Films: We saw The Incredibles a few weeks back, which was great; stunning animation (of course), plus a fun plot. I'm sure that kids would enjoy it -- this big kid certainly did (as did rotwang and the other friend we went with). More recently, our quest for brain-candy included Bridget Jones 2; it started painfully but got better -- felt a bit rushed towards the end, though. About the same enjoyment level as the first one.

Music: I like the new U2 album quite a bit, and probably more so than All That You Can't Leave Behind (though that had some great tracks, notably Walk On, it also had Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of which causes me to grind my teeth). City Of Blinding Lights and Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own are fighting it out for being my favourite track off the album at present (and I believe the latter's going to be the next single off it).

Radio: The new series of I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue has started, and the two episodes which we were in the audience for have now aired (I must get round to listening to the second one at some point). I also have the Radio 1 tribute to John Peel (all 5 hours of it...) downloaded and partially ripped to MP3, though mplayer seems to be having some issues with the middle section (2.5 hours of RealAudio).

Reading: Three new Michael Marshall Smith short stories, hurrah! (Open Doors in Mammoth Book Of Best New Terror, Maybe Next Time in Best New Horror and Getting Over in PS Publishing's Postscripts magazine.)

Technology: Like queenortart, I have one of the tackiest things known to man -- a USB Christmas Tree. It is currently illuminating part of my desk, and casting an unearthly glow round this end of the house when the rest of the lights are off. I have also recently acquired a new mobile phone. Mine randomly vanished one Saturday afternoon a few weeks back. I had worried that someone might have nicked it out of my pocket but suspect that not to have happened since there weren't huge numbers of unexplained foreign calls -- in fact there were no unexplained calls at all. Most likely theory at present is that I dropped it out of my pocket when getting out of the car, and then rotwang ran it over. Not a big deal, in any case, since I rang Vodafone and asked them to block it when I realised I no longer had it; they said "well, as it happens, you're eligible for a free upgrade as of today..." and I had a new one by the following Tuesday.

Car trouble: -- well, more caused by the car than of the car. I was driving home one evening a couple of weeks ago and a fox decided to dash out in front of me. Possibly three metres away from the car; as I was doing 30mph at the time, I didn't have any chance at all of avoiding it. *sigh* It's not like there aren't an awful lot of foxes in that area -- that road borders a largish park on one side (Nonsuch Park, for those who know the area) -- but I still feel bad about it.