January 1st, 2005

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Christmas passed in a haze of new books, cooking, and eating too much (the last two may, perhaps, be related). rotwang and I had a quiet Christmas Day at home, with the by-now-customary Royal Roast lunch (goose, stuffed with chicken, stuffed with pheasant, stuffed with quail). There were plans involving watching the Return of the King extended edition which completely failed to happen, largely because we both kept falling asleep over our books after lunch.

Boxing Day consisted of having the Massed Hordes for lunch and dinner, and feeding them all the sausages in the known world. Next time I will have to make more mash, though!

rotwang's mother and stepfather came to visit from the evening of the 27th through to the 29th. We made them watch the ROTK extended edition, and (somewhat to our surprise) also found they really enjoyed Bill Bailey (I got the Part Troll DVD for Christmas. The Kraftwerk item is particularly funny).

After they'd departed, we left to visit rotwang's dad and stepmum for lunch on the 29th, and then spent a couple of nights with my parents (which marked a welcome respite from my having to cook). rotwang eventually lost to my dad at cribbage, but I made up for it by kicking Dad's arse quite thoroughly at Scrabble (two games won out of two, the second one 390 to 232).

We stopped in Marlborough on our way back to town to visit our friends R&C and their children, and drop off Christmas presents. I'm not sure the newest addition, six weeks old, will necessarily make much of her soft toys as yet, but her 7.5 year old brother looked pretty impressed with his marble rollercoaster set.

New Year's Eve was spent at a party in Harrow, thrown by the lovely A&H, with more champagne at midnight than you could shake a stick at. And also a rather bizarre Spanish custom including eating twelve grapes in time with Big Ben's striking.

So, here we are in 2005... and if it continues as it started, I for one will be very happy indeed ;)