January 17th, 2005

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Well, the weekend had its good points and its bad points...

The good points included thalinoviel's birthday dinner, which proved that the Hogshead on Lisle St is crap (as explained already by bytepilot and waistcoatmark), that Questros is probably better in groups smaller than 18, and that an awful lot of people have LiveJournals. Oh, and that nobody must EVER, EVER let me in Omygod again unless they've confiscated my wallet first. (queenortart, consider this advance warning: they have tiaras.) ;) Also good was the Zen whatever-it's-called-this-week buffet on Sunday with thalinoviel, bytepilot, itsjustaname and rotwang, the latter freshly returned from Las Vegas with fun geek toys.

The bad points included trying to find jeans (not for me) in Kingston on Saturday -- all the jeans shops appear to have vanished, and what the hell happened to the Virgin Megastore, come to that? -- and having to spend the remainder of Sunday tracking down paperwork to throw at my accountant later on in the week (for verily it is the Time of the Tax Return).

Today I have installed my sparkly new copy of Flash MX, purchased in Nevada for the princely sum of $499 (so there, Macromedia), and I guess I should play with it at some point...

[Edited to add: This is what I bought in OmygodCollapse )