February 23rd, 2005

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I wish the weather would make up its mind: snow, or not snow? It's been intermittently dropping flakes for most of the day -- whoever's up in the clouds should really consider Head & Shoulders -- but it never really gets on and snows properly or goes away altogether. That said, I'm not in any great hurry to repeat my drive back from Sutton on Monday night; the MX-5, bless its little rollerskate heart, is not ideally suited to driving in the snow, especially not on our side road which wouldn't know grit if it fell over it (though there is a salt box; I'm just wondering who is supposed to use it).

Last night, through the generosity of the BBC's ticket unit, caffeine_fairy, queenortart, rotwang and your humble narrator went to see a taping of Mitch Benn's Crimes Against Music up in central London (the series starts on Radio 4 on 22nd March). Very good fun, especially the song about U2's hotel. We met up with fractalgeek afterwards for food at Wagamama's.

Saw Sideways on Monday night (the cause of the trip to Sutton). Not quite what I was expecting -- though I'm not really sure what I was expecting -- but it was a pleasant enough way to spend a couple of hours, and I only spent part of the time wanting to give three of the four main characters a good slapping.

Sunday was spent corralling the books purchased at the book fair on Thursday. And, er, on Saturday. Yes, I did go back and buy more (half price, since I bought them in the last hour of the fair! whee!) and I really, really must get round to doing some serious Ebayage sometime quite soon. In my copious free time, y'know. But our hallway no longer has boxes of books and bags of miscellanea cluttering up half of its floor area.

Saturday involved the book fair, some games (Creatures and Cultists and Bohnanza) and a very pleasant dinner over at Fish Hoek in Chiswick; the former DodgyLodger had promised rotwang and me a nice meal for putting up with him for some months last year. I do like Fish Hoek, their menu always has loads of interesting stuff on it...

so wrong, so very wrong

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays Madonna*. Their version of Into The Groove lacks only the boom-chicka-boom drum machine track to be perfect porno music (or possibly a track from a blaxploitation film of the Shaft era).

* It was 50p at the book fair (which also had a smallish contingent of DVDs, videos, CDs and an absolute boatload of old vinyl)