March 14th, 2005

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I can tell it's Monday. Not only have I had one of those days which, while varied, is completely knackering, but my car has just decided to expire when I stopped for petrol at a nearby garage on my way out for the evening. On the plus side, Green Flag's designated minion showed up to tow me home within about 35 minutes of my calling them; on the minus side, he wasn't sure what was wrong so I will have to talk to my garage tomorrow and find out when they can take it in to fix it. This'd be the garage who only had the poor thing in ten days or so ago to replace the back brake calipers. Sigh.

The weekend was pleasant enough. We spent Saturday evening running Curse of the Pharaoh from Freeform Games LLP (plug, plug ;)) for rotwang's parents and some of their friends. It went pretty well considering we had a group consisting of one experienced roleplayer (rotwang himself), a few people who'd played one How To Host A Murder game before and, I believe, at least one complete novice. So much less knackering being a GM for a group of eight and a relatively simple scenario than a group of 36 and a complex one...

Other highlights of the recent past: chomper99's birthday celebrations; seeing The Life Aquatic (very subtly done film, and I really loved the soundtrack; a copy is winging its way to me even now); and (gasp) a couple of nights in. Which is more than can be said for this week, even if tonight is an enforced night in *grumble*

Oh, and welcome to undyingking ;) (and yes, I had put the plugs above in before I even noticed the new LJ user existed)