March 27th, 2005

Culinary adventures, part 1 of many

Gingerbread is easy to make, especially when you're making it to your mother's recipe, the same one she's been using for the last forty years or so.

Peppermint creams... hm. I had snarfed a recipe from caffeine_fairy which said something along the lines of "you might need a bit more icing sugar than the recipe suggests, especially if you are using large eggs". My eggs must've been laid by SuperChickens because it took me a _lot_ more... like, about twice as much. Attempting to roll the resulting mixture out showed that it would stick to _everything_ -- even non-stick baking paper -- so I wound up rolling the mix into balls by hand. Oh well, I'm sure they'll taste fine (will have to test some later on -- I have made one trayful and still have somewhere around 2/3 of the mix left or a bit more).