March 29th, 2005

Culinary adventures, part 2

I now have about half the peppermint cream mix formed into something approximating sensibly-sized and shaped sweets, and roughly half of those have in their turn been partly covered in Green & Black's dark chocolate.

The candied peel has been made (about half the recipe quantity, which is to say four oranges' worth). Some of it, of course, had to be carefully sampled for quality control purposes. Some of the finished product has, like the peppermint creams, been partly covered in chocolate; I must put that somewhere out of the way or the chances of it lasting until Saturday are miniscule.

I'm going to make a quick run down to Sainsbury's in a moment to pick up a couple of items which I don't expect to be able to get easily in the grocery order later on in the week; after that I shall assemble marzipan-stuffed dates. Fear not, Gentle Reader, I don't think _they_ will work well covered in chocolate...