March 31st, 2005

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It is tremendously annoying when you are looking for a specific cookbook that you know you possess, not to be able to find it. I mean, yes, I have a lot of the damn things -- a bookcase full -- but at this point I am looking for one specific one; it has my favourite recipe for oatcakes in it. I think I shall sulk. I mean, I have already found By Hook Or By Crook: The Official Nevada Brothel Cookbook, Out Of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens, and The New Jewish Cuisine, but.... aha! there it is. (Cookies, Biscuits and Biscotti by Linda Collister. Savoury Wheaten Biscuits, page 12.)

Culinary adventures, the saga continues

Fudge: seems to have set OK, which is always a good start, though is a bit shinier than I was expecting. I'll check it again in the morning (can always try another batch if this one won't play).

Oatcakes: done, cooling.

Marzipan-stuffed dates: all done, half frosted with caster sugar and half not.