April 13th, 2005

*mutter, twitch*

Tories propose more faith schools

Grrrr. As an atheist myself, I do dislike it when people assume I have no moral code. I'm quite capable of making decisions about how I relate, or should relate, to the rest of the world without invoking a higher power to make those decisions for me. I am happy for other people to practice religion so long as they do not use it to try to affect my life (e.g. to restrict my access to medicine or medical practices), and so long as they do not attempt to convert me to their way of thinking (or are willing to take "No" for an answer on the first attempt, and not to try again).

Educating children about the world's religions is fine. Passing your religious beliefs on to your child is OK as long as you accept that at some point they may disagree with you. But I would much rather see completely secular schools; if parents want religious practice or education in a religion, as opposed to education about various religions, that should be arranged outside school rather than inside.

Not that I was going to vote for the Tories anyhow, but this cements it even further.