April 25th, 2005

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Well, here we are, another year gone. I gave some thought to the concept of taking the car through the Channel Tunnel and driving around Paris[1] but I strongly suspect that, given today's weather, "the warm wind in her hair" would have been replaced by "the cold rain in her hair". But I could have gone to Paris, and that's the important thing.

It's been a fairly busy ten days or so. The weekend before last, sielis and (to a somewhat lesser extent) waistcoatmark cooked us a yummy dinner, with possibly the nicest (= least fatty) roast pork I've ever had, and copious amounts of pretty much everything else. Including alcohol. This weekend just past was DT WINOLJ's 40th birthday party, which seemed to go pretty well. The new corset got its first outing, along with the skirt that the lovely and talented caffeine_fairy had made for me, and I think it looked acceptable ;) On Sunday we dragged our tired selves round to A&H's for board games and sitting around bitching about computers.

In between, rotwang whisked me away to the depths of Berkshire to the Waterside Inn for dinner and an overnight stay. It's so tough trying to decide between lobster and foie gras for a starter, don't you know. (I had the foie gras. It was superb.) It was the sort of meal that rather slaps down one's culinary ambitions ;) -- on the other hand, I surmise that their kitchens are bigger, better equipped, and involve rather more staff than mine...

We went out shopping on Friday for a new DVD recorder, the old one having failed to record the last three things we asked of it and thus being consigned to the junk-heap. As is the way of these things, the new one is brighter, shinier, fancier and with a hard drive as well, for about half the price of the old one. It seems to work rather better, in that it _has_ recorded Dr Who (must watch that later).

Random observations:

  • the world's laziest, tamest duck by the river outside the Waterside Inn. I don't think it was being fattened for the plate.
  • a collection of builders' lorries decorated for St George's Day on Saturday, without any obvious organised event for them to attend.
  • drown_not_wave emailing rotwang at about 9pm yesterday to find out what I wanted as a present ;)
  • the tea-shop in Ewell village does a very nice Welsh rarebit
  • it is surprisingly hard to find gold-coloured stockings or hold-ups (unless you go to a theatrical suppliers, I guess)
  • negotiating stairs in a floor-length skirt can be almost as hard as it used to be for the Daleks
  • go and do triskellian's poll here if you didn't already do so

Somewhat corrected for spelling,,,

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