April 26th, 2005

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We returned from eating copious amounts of Chinese last night to find that drown_not_wave had been by to drop off a card, flowers and wine. Just passing by -- since she lives a minimum of an hour's drive away, hm ;) Much appreciated, anyhow.

Before we went out, we watched this week's Dr Who, which was at one point interrupted by a clatter against the living room window. Further investigation found a rather panic-stricken baby bird clinging to the window (we have leaded windows so they are not completely smooth) before dropping a few inches to the window sill. I suspect that it was a robin, since I believe there's a pair nesting in the bush next to the window. We think it had just decided to try its wings a smidge too soon -- whether it'll be able to get back in the nest, I'm not sure, but it looked like it was very close to being able to fly... hopefully, if it did wind up on the ground, it'll be behind the spiky bush where the neighbourhood cats would have trouble getting to it. (And there aren't that many of them anyhow, unlike where we used to live where the cat density was approximately 1/house in the immediate area)

A day of two halves

I had originally planned to head on over to InfoSec at Olympia at about ten or a little after. Server problems -- not mine but someone else's -- ate a further hour of my morning (and lost me some money into the bargain, grumble) and by the time I got on the train I was not the happiest of bunnies. My mood was darkened still further by bloody Silverlink cancelling the train I'd intended to catch from Clapham Junction to Olympia -- given the option of sitting on the coldest, draughtiest (and, given the combination of wind and rain, also fairly wet) platform in CJ or looking for other alternatives, I gave up and got a cab.

At least, by the time I'd wandered round Infosec, said hi to a few people, grabbed a fairly good selection of freebies and won half a bottle of champagne at blackjack (one of the stalls had a table set up...), I was a bit cheerier. I didn't get rained on on the way home, didn't have to wait too long at Clapham Junction for my onward train, and the world appeared not to have ended in my absence. Phew...