June 21st, 2005

Okay, so the update wasn't all _that_ soon.

*streeeeetch* It's been a long month, and it's not over yet.

Part of the reason for my quietness over the last few weeks has been a server migration that got moved up the list from "must do this sometime in the next few months" to "really ought to do this now, or not at all long in the future" after the particularly hot Bank Holiday weekend showed the existing server as less cool than it really ought to have been. That actually all went fairly well; lots of planning helps. I do hate moving stuff between servers, though; it's always so stressful in case you break something in the process. Oh well, hopefully I won't have to do so again any time soon (or at least nothing of the same sort of magnitude). And of course when that was done, I had a huge backlog of work to do...

Last weekend was rotwang's birthday, partly celebrated by the monthly poker session being at our place on the Friday, and partly by, um, me leaving him at home while I went off to see U2. To add insult to injury, my friend C WINOLJ was coming with me to the gig, so rotwang had to entertain her husband (easy enough, we've known him for 19 years or close to it) and their children. One of them is only about 7 months old and thus not in need of a whole lot of entertainment, but rising-eight-year-old A seemed to have a very good afternoon playing computer games, beating rotwang and R at Star Wars Duels (thanks for the loan of that, chomper99). Oh, and watching Dr Who.

(It'll be interesting to see what David Tennant makes of the role. I really enjoyed Christopher Eccleston's take on it -- I've enjoyed the whole new series a hell of a lot, in fact. More! More!)

The U2 gig itself was excellent. I hadn't been to Twickenham for a gig before so that in itself was interesting; it struck me as a lot better organised than Wembley (we were home in an hour and a half from the end of the gig). The support were the Doves, who I suspect I might quite like if I heard them at a smaller venue but whose wall-of-sound attempts really didn't work for someone sat at the back of a stadium, and Athlete, who are really not my thing but I'm sure their mothers love them. They sound way too much like Coldplay and/or Train (admittedly the only song I know of Train's is Drops Of Jupiter but I can't stand it; Athlete's You Got The Style is extremely similar to it).

U2 themselves played quite a bit of old stuff (I Will Follow, Electric Co.), a reasonable amount of stuff off the new album (I still don't much care for Miracle Drug but City Of Blinding Lights rocks my socks) and a wander through pretty much everything in between. We had nice seats -- at the back of the stadium, sure, but we could see everything fine and I'm getting too old to stand up for hours on end in the hope of getting to see up Bono's nose. (Anyhow, I already saw up Adam's nose at the Astoria warm-up gig in 2001. So there. ;))

And no, before anyone asks, I do not have tickets for Live 8, sigh.

Other media experiences over the last few weeks: Mr and Mrs Smith was lots of fun, with one-liners aplenty, musings on marriage (sort of...), and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt with really big guns. (Okay, okay, Angelina was the one to look at. ;)) People suggested I might find Sin City overly violent, but I've never really minded comic-book violence; the surgical scenes in Master and Commander, watched a day or so previously, disturbed me a whole lot more. And a reading by Michael Marshall at Borders, up in town, from his new book Blood of Angels (if anyone who wants to see photos, audio & video of that and hasn't already done so, it's here).