August 15th, 2005

The goat elopes with the chicken, and the fox turns out to be vegetarian and eats the cabbage...


  1. rotwang and I drive into town to pick up hired van. He drives it home, I drive car home.
  2. Wait for phone call from chomper99 and caffeine_fairy to tell us they're on their way.
  3. I drive to Tube to pick them up. rotwang drives to old house, making side journey to DIY shop to pick up a couple of odds and sods.
  4. All assemble at old house. Load fridge-freezer onto van. Start clearing out garage.
  5. Realise washing machine is wired in rather than plugged in. Another side trip to DIY shop -- thankfully only a few minutes' walk away -- to acquire screwdriver and insulating tape.
  6. Load washing machine onto van. Finish clearing out garage (including misc. gardening kit).
  7. Drive car and van back to current house.
  8. Remove fridge from garage. Offload fridge-freezer from van. Offload gardening tools from van. Load fridge onto van along with assorted household waste.
  9. rotwang, chomper99 and caffeine_fairy make trip to dump to get rid of everything except fridge and washing machine.
  10. Lunch.
  11. Go to storage facility, sign paperwork, offload washing machine and fridge.
  12. Back home to load up with empty boxes for CF and Chomper.
  13. rotwang drives them home.


  1. Clear out some of the gunk from garage (using kitchen as swap space)
  2. Load gunk onto van
  3. Drive to dump, get rid of junk
  4. Drive to CF and Chomper's, load up with some boxes of their stuff
  5. Follow them to their soon-to-be-flat, offload their stuff
  6. drive home...


I'm sorry, O my faithful friends and readers.

I have a deep, dark secret to confess.

I just voluntarily watched some cricket, without rotwang being here as an excuse.

I'm sorry...