August 23rd, 2005

GC report

OK, so, GenCon. Lots of fun, and not nearly enough sleep...

I am gamer, hear me waffleCollapse )

Dear Air Canada, time travel is not yet a realityCollapse )

Hey ho. Watch this space for luggage-related updates...

1: Which reminds me: Freeform Writers' Rule 2 2. Do not use props which will either require people to stand guard over them in one place -- such as items too heavy, even if only in-character, to move -- or which are significantly heavy or awkward to carry around. If something needs guarding then, except in very limited circumstances, they should be able to hire NPCs to do that. Not being able to move around at will, or almost so, isn't actually fun for longer than a few minutes.)

2: Freeform Writers' Rule 1, of course, being "write the bloody characters". See above comments about three-line character sketches.