September 19th, 2005

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On Friday, there was poker, with most of the Usual Suspects and an elegant sufficiency of bread, cheese, wine and the like. We split into two groups, the "serious" players and the "rather less serious" players. The serious players wound up giving most of their money to T; the less serious players seemed to spend most of their time enacting a Cargo Cult ritual to enshrine the new dealer for each round, involving a string of Mardi Gras dice beads and a bizarre chant. I blame the port.

Saturday and Sunday were both allegedly going to be sunny. Saturday looked fine when we got up so I dragged rotwang and DocPotempkin off to Kew for the day, the better to fill up more CompactFlash cards with crap exercise the shiny camera again. Kew is looking particularly pretty at the moment, mostly because of the Chihuli glass arranged here and there; easily three gigabytes worth of pretty. Oops.

It was a good thing I didn't wait until Sunday for the Kew trip, as it was unpleasantly overcast all day... rotwang and I sat around and discussed what we'd like to do with the house -- we want to build an extension but needed to figure out what would go where. (You know you're a geek when: (a) you set up a Lotus Notes discussion database to hold details of your thinking on such matters, (b) it is entirely likely that one room in the new area will wind up as a server room.) I wanted to sort out a new server with rather more disk space to cope with the whole digital photography thing... while my PC is well-specced for image manipulation (1.25Gb RAM), it doesn't have enough disk space to cope with me dumping three gig of data on it on a regular basis (only has 20Gb hard drive).

Unfortunately the room where I wanted to put the new server was still full of Stuff from when I moved offices and, to some degree, when we moved house. Instead of installing hard drives, then, we sorted out several boxes of stuff which are now either in the loft, or in the bin. (Surprisingly little in the bin, actually.) We found -- arrggh! -- another box of books which needed to go on shelves; on the plus side, I can now physically reach more of the shelves in the library, whereas on the minus side, they're all already full. Oh well, yet more double-stacking.

I think I shall use the delay to the new server's installation to acquire another one or two large drives. I seem to remember waistcoatmark recommending a good tech place near him; anyone happen to have a name for it? I can't find it on his LJ.