October 1st, 2005

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These (freeze-dried raspberries covered in white chocolate) need to be somewhere I can't nibble on them. Despite my moral objections to eating something described in several places on its packaging as "raspberrys", they're extremely nice.

Last weekend we wandered up into town to attend Reading Frenzy, where I managed to buy only eight or so books (positively restrained for me), followed by a pleasant lunch in town (it would have been at Wagamama had they not been closed) and then a fine party in Oxford in the evening. Sunday involved poker, experimentation with slow shutter speeds at the British Museum, and caffeine_fairy's mum's exceedingly fine coffee and walnut cake.

Today was supposed to involve more plotting of the game I need to write ahead of GenCon in a few weeks' time. This would be easier were it not for the little problem of having far too few players signed up, which has already caused one rethink on the game's topic. Sigh.

It's entirely possible I have spent all my creativity points on photography recently. rotwang has been very patient with my taking the new shiny camera almost anywhere we go; the archive server is now up and running but I am still pondering the setup of a database to index those pictures which haven't been discarded as crap. Plus point of digital camera with large memory card: you can take lots of photos for little cost, and delete the ones which are no good without feeling guilty. Minus point of digital camera: you can take lots of photos for little cost, but then you really need to go through them and delete the ones which are no good... Sports mode, especially, is the root of all evil. Or at least the root of 170 pictures of varying angles of a flock of pigeons playing in a fountain.

Off to watch the recording of I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue at the Palladium tomorrow, with caffeine_fairy and chomper99. Prior to that, since those two and DocPotempkin all want to descend on us to borrow things, there will be all-you-can-eat Chinese at the very nice Chinese near our place. Hurrah!