November 17th, 2005


Anyone know who USPS use to deliver trackable parcels within the UK? I have one incoming at present, which has apparently cleared customs, and which currently shows "We attempted to deliver your item in GREAT BRITAIN at 5:18 am on November 16, 2005."

I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt that their timing is in (some sort of) US time rather than UK time. But nobody's tried to deliver anything here today, or if they did they were extremely quiet about it -- which is basically impossible at present given how noisy our porch door is. I therefore suspect they may be using Parcelforce in the UK, which would be a shame since we already know that Parcelforce suck at delivering stuff from overseas. I may give PF a ring tomorrow pre-emptively, if I want to raise my blood-pressure a few notches.

Leave a card saying "we tried to deliver today"? Are you kidding?


Yes, they have my damn parcel. On the plus side, it only took about ten minutes (spread over two phone calls, because heaven forfend their call centre might open before 9am) to ascertain that there were customs charges needing to be paid on it and to give the call centre a number on which Mitcham Depot might contact me to arrange the payment of such charges. (Anyone care to place a bet on whether they call back today? ETA: in fairness, they have just called back)

Is it just me, or does £28.97 seem a lot to pay on a parcel containing an item valued at $99? Okay, some of that is probably Parcelfarce's handling charge, and some more of it is probably VAT, but still.