December 12th, 2005

home thoughts from a broad

  • Anything which didn't move quickly enough on Saturday has now been either candied or pickled.
  • The summary of March of the Penguins would be that it's a really shit life being an Emperor Penguin. There are hazards, there are predators, there's astonishingly unpleasant weather and you have to walk a lot, despite not really being built for the whole "walking" thing.
  • My mother cannot find her naturalisation certificate. This may not be entirely surprising since it's about 36 years old at this point. Oh well, we have already ascertained how she can go about getting a duplicate, and she's writing off to the relevant Government department today.
  • Despite the adverse conditions in which they live, Emperor Penguins are nonetheless extremely cute.
  • I have a shiny new laptop, thanks in part to the Government's Home Computing Initiative. OK, so I'm guessing they probably didn't intend it for households which already had double-digits computers anyhow...
  • Aforementioned shiny new laptop thinks there are two wireless networks around; ours, plus a rather less secure one. I wonder whose that is.
  • rotwang's dad and stepmum have now been shown an instance of Secret Project X, and seemed quite impressed (though they are not its target market)
  • The weather as we drove down to rotwang's relatives yesterday was horrible; thick and unrelenting fog from the M3/A303 junction all the way down to theirs and pretty much all the way back. Yuck.
  • Two more weeks to Christmas. Arrrghhh...