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Bibliophile Lass' Journal
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Friday, January 13th, 2006

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Can I just say that spending the day cut for TMICollapse ) is getting very old very quickly?
Thank you all for your kind wishes about my earlier indisposition. Soluble paracetamol has dulled the pain enough for me to get out of bed, at least, and drinking only water besides that seems to have calmed things down a bit; I may leave some Coke to go flat later on for some rehydration.

I can _almost_ contemplate the concept of a very small amount of very dull food now, also. We shall see.

I am, essentially, a bloke when I get ill, as it (thankfully) happens so rarely. Poor rotwang happened to be working at home (convenient since it meant he could go out and get the painkillers)

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