January 16th, 2006

(no subject)

I was being dead efficient today; paid some outstanding bills, answered some work-related questions from Friday, that sort of thing. Then I got to the bit relating to "pay road tax for my car" and hit a bit of a snag; I was planning to do this online but apparently I can't because I don't have an "electronic MOT certificate". Sigh. Suppose I'll just have to go and find the real thing in amongst the filing, along with the insurance certificate.

A fun (cheese) party (cheese) at thalinoviel (cheese) and bytepilot's last (cheese) night, to celebrate the former's (cheese) and also to finish up (cheese) some of their food stockpile from Christmas. (Bet you can't guess what the food concerned might have been.) I strongly suspect they may have wound up with more cheese than they started out with, mind you.

In a fit of attempting to eat more fruit and vegetables, I've signed us up for a weekly delivery box from Abel and Cole (after much in-depth discussion at the party about delivery services, exactly how many potatoes one can get through in a week, and just how the hell you cook fennel anyway). Exactly how long this'll last is anyone's guess, since our usual weekday evening fare is much more likely to be microwave ready-meal than gourmet cuisine, but we'll give it a go...