March 31st, 2006

muse, ponder

Last night rotwang and I braved the Ideal Home Exhibition in an attempt to kick-start my brain into thinking about kitchens. Given the amount of time I spend in the kitchen (through choice!) I was starting to get a little worried about my complete inability to contemplate what I wanted in the redone one (as part of the Big Extension Project, the kitchen is going to be redone, since part of it'll be knocked down and rebuilt anyhow).

I am lusting after one of these -- two ovens, six hobs. (If you are now saying "but bibliogirl, there are only two of you in the house!" then I'm guessing you've not been to dinner here ;)).

Other useful things seen: larder drawers which slide out and let you get at all the stuff from both sides -- they have racking within. (spooktastic, you have some of those, don't you? Do you find them useful?) Warming drawers (for plates, food, letting bread rise, etc.) -- we currently have no feasible way of warming plates and this would be a Good Thing.

Granite surfaces look lovely (we have some in our bathroom) but may, I suspect, drive the price up beyond what can be accommodated given the amount of work surfaces involved. Plus, how practical are they for kitchen use -- do you have to watch what you put down on them?